Dramatis Personae (About Me)

Hannah. 25. A.K.A. The Retired Bridgeburner

Welcome to my new blog!

For the past nearly two years I've been scribbling away about Fibromyalgia and Interstitial Cystitis here. Very recently though I developed a lump at the back of the right side of my jaw. After several tests this was unfortunately revealed to be a cancerous tumour of the parotid gland. 

People have been very supportive of The Retired Bridgeburner as a venture, and say the loveliest things about my ability to put a positive spin on the not-so-positive and to look at unpleasant things with humour. 

I'm going to try and treat this the same way. As I've said before on my original blog, if my writing helps just one person then it's worth the time and effort of putting it together, Blogging is a very cathartic thing for me and I have a potentially long treatment and recovery period to come. Maybe we can share a bit of a giggle along the way. 

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